Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Not my best pictures (greyscale hipster omg!), but I do love the many lines in these shots.

Long Day

The school year is almost over, and some of my grades even had to be set today. Yet, there is 3-4 weeks until I can leave for the summer. Oral exams happen next week (not for me, read more here), and then we're just finishing up what may be left of classes.

About the title. Today I ended up having to run to biology, only to discover we were like seven out of thirty students. Many were gone because of exams or the trip with their gym class. So after spending an hour there I had like 3 hours with nothing before history, and then I had to wait 1 1/2 hr to get home. Fun times.

I brought my camera, and I'll probably come with an update late today with some new pictures!

Love, Rumi

Monday, May 30, 2011

Summing up the month

So it has been one month since I started blogging, and I've enjoyed it. Oh, no, no, I'm not quitting! I'm merely writing this to thank you all for reading, and supporting me. Without readers, I would probably have stopped May 2nd.
An old typewriter. Not what i use.

If you want me to write more about something specific that in the past caught your interest on the blog, just shout out in in the comments.

For now, I'll chill with an episode of Blue Exorcist. Don't spoil anything, This is the first one. I waited because I was hoping to find the manga on my «local» Outland store, but I had no luck.

Adding two more pictures, the first one was one of few I managed to take on the canooing trip. I was simply too afraid of dropping my phone into the water to even think of taking it out of my well protected pocket.

http://fav.me/d3hlqmo - An old apple tree I used to play a lot around as a kid. Ohh the memories.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Whining + games

Hey fantastic people! I'm sorry I didn't get back to you, I was simply too tired to do anything. That is what I get for being in bad shape!

I actually woke up at 04.00 (yes, AM). I'm the kind of person who never even think about getting up before 14.00 during weekends.

So, I haven't been writing any «gaming» articles for a while. I'm not really your average FPS (first person shooter) – game enthusiast, actually I find them quite boring and repetitive (yet I play World of Warcraft... lol..).

I'm trying to get some inspiration from what I have in my shelf, so here we go:
Starting off with an old game, Nintendogs.

I've had this game since (before) release. I actually tested it for Nintendo, and I had loads of fun doing it. It is pretty much a simulator where you get you have up to three puppies in your house at the same time. You can walk them, take them to contests, groom and feed them, to mention a few things. It is rated 3+, but your soul can find peace while you play this game, even when you are older.

Nintendo has released Nintendogs + cats for the 3DS already, and it is, along with the remake of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, probably reason enough for me to get a 3DS sometime in the near future. Hopefully the price drops down a bit soon!

Nintendogs + cats is currently the bestselling game to the 3DS. But, really, does it currently have any real competitors?

After taking a look at Wikipedia's list of Nintendo 3DS games, I managed to find some more interesting games.

I know that I probably would buy these games if I had a 3DS:

And of course the remakes of:  

There is more games of course, but I'm more interested in what you are looking forward to. Any games will do, it doesn't have to be 3DS games at all.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finally back at home!

My arms are sore (well, the rest of my body, too) and I've got a few bruises and cuts. Still though, it was a really nice and somewhat relaxing way to spend some time outside. We had rain pretty much the whole Thursday as well as in the morning on Friday. I do not have any pictures though, since the weather forecast stated shit weather and rain, rain and rain.

And to my surprise, no one ended up falling out of the canoe. It's all good! I'll get back with an interesting post later today (it's Saturday here in Norway), and I hope you all had a giggle at the vanilla ice cream article!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pro Icecream

How to make ice cream – (easy) liquid nitrogen edition!

For 20-30 people:
- 12(10 eggs)
- 200g sugar --- mix together
- 1L cream
- 2 teaspoons of vanilla-flavoured sugar
- Liquid nitrogen

Sorry, my phone camera sucks.
Safety: Wear gloves and do not expose yourself to the cold too much.

  1. Mix together 10/12 eggs and 200g sugar. Add 1L of cream and 2 teaspoons of vanilla-flavoured sugar. Mix it all.
  2. Add the liquid nitrogen to a container. Make sure it can handle the cold, and protect yourself and those around you!
  3. Slowly add the liquid nitrogen and be sure to stir it well. Watch your fingers!
  4. Enjoy!
I'm going to be away until Friday/Saturday, and I'm therefore testing out the post scheduler. 



Hi guys,

I won't be around until sometime late Friday evening. Going somewhere in the woods on a school trip. I've planned a funny post for later today, so enjoy!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 minutes of my life.

I'm usually very lucky. I haven't encountered robbery or really any violence against myself. My friends and parents are nice to me, and generally, things go my way in life. Sure, I've had my downs as any other human being, but I have gotten over them all relatively easily.

I know many face issues every day, as others did in the past, and I will in the future. I've spent most of today reading “Maus” and reflecting upon it and thinking that I'm lucky as hell to have such great people around me.

Todays encounter is pretty much a great example of this. After being irritated about not making it to an earlier bus, i went down to wait at the bus terminal. I quickly grew bored of just sitting around, and i therefore went to get something to snack on. For the record, I ended up with some nuts&berries mix, as well as some ice cream. When I got back I sat down closer to where my bus would arrive, and started eating.

Quiet before the story, they say. I was paying absolutely no attention to the world around me as I suddenly hear a loud noise of something hitting the glass wall to my far left. As I turn around I quickly make out of the situation that the guy facing me has hit the other guy. My heart starts racing, and I'm wondering if I should try break it up. They are around my age, or younger. I'm guessing 16-17. In a mere second I simulate the whole situation in my head: what would they do if I interfered?

As , I notice that an old, short lady in a red coat walking up to them as best she can. She could not have been above 150 cm, and she had definitively gone into pension. She tells the kids to stop this, and again I notice the crowd of people standing slightly to the left of where the hit happened. I remember that my eyes for a short moment fell on the large group as I sat down in the first place. “Friends”? Probably. None of them wanted to get in between. Props to you old lady.

For those interested in the situation, I later overheard that that someone had called the police (the station is like a minute away), and that they had confiscated a knife from one of the kids. Before I sat down, they had apparently been quarreling and one of the people sitting there had seen a knife. I had left the place maybe three minutes earlier, and although I did not face them at that time, however I'm pretty sure they must have started this right before I got back.

I could probably share my thoughts of the whole moral situation, but ill leave you with this little tip;

No matter who starts the fight and who argues and for how long, you lose as soon as you go over to hurting the person physically. Hitting is never the answer.

- Rumi

Update: The paper picked the case up, and they were both 16. Good thing I didn't try intervene then. Sixteen year olds can be crazy. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stories and series

Hello friends and fo- er, bloggers!

Finally home after an eventful day at school. We did something interesting in chemistry class, but I'm planning on telling more about that later this week because of a school trip. We're going to spend a night out near a lake I think, which means no blog access Thursday and maybe even Friday. So I'm thinking of scheduling some interesting but short stuff to keep you busy.

We've also started to read a graphic novel in my English class;
Maus: A Survivor's Tale, by Art Spiegelman

Maus: A Survivor's Tale, by Art Spiegelman, is a memoir of Art Spiegelman listening to his father, Vladek Spiegelman, a Polish Jew and Holocaust survivor, retelling his story. It alternates between descriptions of Vladek's life in Poland before and during the Second World War and Vladek's later life in the Rego Park neighborhood of New York City. The work is a graphic narrative in which Jews are depicted as mice, while Germans are depicted as cats. It is the only comic book ever to have won a Pulitzer Prize. - thank you Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maus

It is actually pretty interesting, and hey, its better than using the old smelly book.

In other news, I've heard that Blue Exorcist is a really good series. Two friends have already recommended it to me, and I'll probably add it to my 'must watch' list. Which, by the way, is getting really long.

As far as Wikipedia can tell me, it started airing about a month ago. The story follows a young boy who at the age of fifteen realize that he is the son of Satan, and that he has powers sealed inside him. I hate retyping something I do not have a clue about, so if you are interested you should check the series
(or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Exorcist) out!

What are you currently watching/reading? I could probably make this a weekly or semiweekly thing.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Monday Rambling

Electric, metal, j-rock to name a few. Heck, even pop some times. What I listen to at any given time is something I usually thought was nothing but random, but I've realized I've picked the music more and more after my mood, or even changed my mood after listening to a certain song or band.

Sure, that's nothing new. I'm sure everyone does that.

The past week I've listened more to Oomph! Than I'd ever like to admit. I tend to play the crap out of an album before staying away from it for months. I blame my German exam.

So other than that band, I discovered this song through another blog:
Instant happilepsy. Yes, I had to invent a new word to describe it.

Ever since Thursday I've done pretty much nothing related to school, and it feels great. I've even started watching a new, special anime:

  Welcome to the N.H.K.!   
Welcome to the N.H.K. started out as a novel, but has also been adapted into a manga as well as an anime.

We follow the main character, a hikikomori who suddenly gets aid from some strange girl who seem somehow like a stalker. She knows a lot about him despite them not having met before.

Hikikomori is a Japanese term used to describe people who isolate themselves in their homes for a long amount of time. It could be because of both social and personal factors, and the show deals with many disorders as well as daily life and how to deal with it.

The novel has been compared with The Catcher in the Rye and the novel Fight Club. I'm going to try get my hands on the novel version, and who knows, I may review it here some day.

I'm sure you all know how to Google, but here is a link to the Wikipedia page of the novel/manga/anime:

 That is all for today, I'll sit down and enjoy a few more episodes of the series now!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Obligatory 100 followers post

First of all, thanks a lot for the feedback on my pictures! It inspires me to keep taking more pictures.

Soon to be apples - nature is pretty impressive right?
As usual, the full shots are available at [deviantART] and [Flickr].
After less than a month in the blogger-business, I've managed to reach 100 followers. A big thanks to all of you, as I litterary coulnd't have done it without any of you! I hope I manage to keep a good pace, with fun and interesting updates. Once I figure out what I want to do with this blog.

So far, I've covered some games, daily life and photography. Unless you really hate any of the above, I'll probably keep the blog like this, and the name as well. I created the blog with the puropse of talking about games only, but I quickly noticed that I ran out of subjects to talk about.

To end this post I'd like to thank you all again, and feel free to leave ideas in the comments.

Love, Rumi

Even more Pictures

As prople started to realize that the Rapture wasn't happening, I went outside to get some nice shots. I've tried some different angles and such, and out of the 200 pictures I took, here's five of the best:

Focus on the grass.
Focus on the sky.
An old tree that got struck by lighting years ago. 
Evergreen, even greener!
Behind my house. 

As usual, the full shots are available at [deviantART] and [Flickr].

Criticism and ideas for new shots always appreciated!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


So, since the rapture didn't happen, I guess I should post something today.

First though, I've had a discussion about this picture I made with the smudge tool in Photoshop:

What does this look like?
What does this look like to you? My boyfriend says it looks like a fire elemental, but to me, its Ronald McDonald's burning face.  Tell me what it looks like to you, the more creative the better!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend rambling

So, it's finally here. I ended up spending about two hours to travel for a 50 min lecture. Oh well, I'd probably just have slept till like 14:00 if it was a normal day off.

Today has been really event less so far, but there has been something interesting in the Norwegian news today (for once);

a Football(soccer) Strike.

No kidding. The top series has picked out (so far) 95 top plays from nine different top clubs in Norway.
Why? They want to pick out their shoes themselves.

This week's round will probably be canceled due to the strike.

On the one side, I can see why they do this. According to the Norwegian Athlete Union, we're one out of very few countries where clubs still can chose your shoes for the player, probably through sponsorship. After doing some research among the elite players, most said that picking your own brand was vital, while very few said they got to pick out the brand themselves.

Shoes is probably one of the most important  things to succeed, as no brands, nor foots, are the same. I remember that Umbro seemed to fit me the best, back when I played football. And I'm far from professional.

When I heard about it this morning, I laughed and found it silly, but after doing some research - maybe it isn't? Even though the strike may be caused by other factors as well, I can't seem to find anything about it.

Then again, brands sponsoring shoes do probably pay a lot - and many Norwegain clubs have to hang on to their sponsorship deals to make it. I can't see different brands actually sponsoring this and that player for a lot of money, but some will probably do it in a small scale. Not in a huge scale, like Beckham and Adidas, though.

Most reactions so far seem to be "they get paid to play, they should stop whining about silly shoes". But really, what do you think? Does your country let the elite players choose their shoes themselves? 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bonus Pictures

Thanks to those commenting about what I can change and such, I'll taking mental notes of it all! 

Since I've actually had the day completely off studying, I've spent some more time in Photoshop. While most of my nice pictures already have been edited(it's no fun to edit the same image twice cause I end up comparing), I've still got some okay shots to play around with:

Another picture snapped while visiting my grandma. They dug up the huge rock from my great-grandparents' place and brought it all the way to their own garden. Even though my great-grandparents both are dead, their memory lives on. (No, this is no creepy garden graveyard...).

I've done tweaks to light, colors and a few other things while playing around with the shadows. Let me know what you think of it!

I love the turtle in this picture, and I actually ended up buying it for my mother for Mother's day a few years ago. I've only a slight tweak to the light in this picture.

Exam done

Finally done with my German exam! It all went smooth(I think). Now I've only got a maths test sometime next week, and a trip for gym class, and I'll be close to done with everything grade-wise. Tomorrow I'll get home early as well – only one class!

You must be getting sick of my newbie pictures, but I discovered some more settings in Photoshop, and I ended up editing a quick picture.



Probably the worst I've uploaded because of the sun, but I guess you need to see me at my worst too.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

German exam

So, tomorrow is the big day. I've spent most of today writing texts and such, but I feel that more time would have been nice... The next few hours before bed will be spent working even more with grammar; nouns, articles, and case..

Will be back tomorrow with a longer (, interesting) post.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Constitution Day

So the constitution day celebrations are over, and I am back at home studying German. I had some good food and got to try out my new camera!  The weather was rather nice, but at the moment it's raining/hailing hard. At least I do not have to be outside now. I decided to share some of my best pictures of nature here, as I do not have to get any approval from nature to post pictures... I hope :)

 Criticism and tips never hurt.

Monday, May 16, 2011

It is just like a travel novel, just that it isn't.

So I hope the small post about language ended up being useful to some of you. I expect seeing improvement when I sit down with my cup of tea to read later tonight!

So, I haven’t had the time to do a gaming-post for a while. That is mainly because I really haven’t spent any time playing. The occasional WoW plus Words with Friends seems to keep me busy these days.

What the damage meters always should look like, in my opinion. (From one of the boss attempts yesterday)
Yesterday I tried the new Nefarian+Onyxia encounter in Blackwing Descend.  Sunday is our casual raid day, and I really enjoy that one day when my brain can take all focus off things and just focus on those damage meters. I won’t lie, I’m a DPS whore. My competition spirit is really aggressive, and I can feel my heart sink when I’m not topping-or close to topping- damage. This spirit haunts me when I play other games as well, and I really struggle containing myself when I lose.  But enough about that, this is a (hopefully funny) look on the encounter from a DPS perspective. I’ve included fails from different tries as well as thoughts;

The basics:

  • -          Mr. Deathwing has made it so that two of the mean dragons from vanilla WoW now will face you once again, together. The old lady (Onyxia), which also played a loot role in the last expansion, looks rather, uhm, dead and then resurrected...

    "New" Onyxia roaring at the old one. (wowhead.com)
  • -          Her most threatening ability is knocking the whole raid down with her tail swipe – preferably when I’m close to done casting my non-instant spells. Great.
  •  -          The other drake, Nefarian, lands some time as I am busy damaging Onyxia and sighing at tail swipes. Some ugly shadowy things keep spawning – but those I’m apparently just supposed to ignore. Shame though, Mind Sear could have done some serious damage to them all.
  •  -          Melee moves to Nefarian, and all casters (me as well!) stays on Onyxia. I put up two spells damaging over time on Nefarian for that increased damage done. *pokerface*
  •  -          At this point I’m usually close to top on the damage meters. #winning!
  •  -          Nefarian reaches 90% health, and does a lot of damage to the whole raid.  Poor healers.
  • Nefarian
  •  -          Get told to switch from Onyxia to Nefarian. Keep damage over time effects on Onyxia. #winning + pokerface.
  •  -          Nefarian reaches 80%, and does some more damaga to the whole raid. Switch back to Onyxia and keep the extra damage effects running on Nefarian for additional #winning.
  •  -          Onyxia dies, and lava surrounds the whole area. Quickly jump up on a pillar to survive.
  •  -          Nefarian is now flying, and everyone is split out on different pillars, handling one dragonkin each.
  •  -          Try to reach to one of the other pillars for extra damaga – no luck. Put those damage over time (DoT)-effects on the flying Nefarian and work on the little dragonkin. Ours die first!
  •   -          Some random try: Realize that I’m not on the yellow pillar where I am supposed to be – *poker face*. Yellow platform add dies first, quickly followed by the one on my current pillar. Oh well, so far so good.
  •  -          Lava pulls back, yay! Jump down from platform and follow player marked with a purple diamond. Do damage to only Nefarian now.
  •  -          Supposed to use my healing ability one Nefarian uses the spell that damages the whole raid every 10%.
  •  -          Never reach my assigned 30% again because people fail to follow the purple diamond, or the one on shadowy creatures got unlucky, or someone did something else they were not supposed to do(like messing with the adds).


    A small tip to bloggers out there

    Monday again! It feels like it’s been ages since the last one. Either way, I added a kind of inspirational video to the last Monday post, and I thought I’d give away a piece of advice this week as well.

    I read many blogs over the course of the day, and there is one thing many of them have failed at. No, I’m not speaking about content!
    Publish, comment, days of the week and such is usually not in English. Why is this a problem? Well, it is not a problem, but it is really annoying to try guide your way around the archive and such. Especially when you do your posts in English anyway.

    I hope this short post comes in handy! Look around and make your blog personal, it is (in my opinion) half the charm of a blog. :)

    Until next time (later today).


    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Random Rambling #4: German

    Hello guys, the weekend is almost coming to an end. Mine has been filled with watching movies and animes in German, plus German music. Instead of the usual Rammstein, I found a band that is around the same genre(check the picture).

    Check out Oomph!'s wiki page here.
     The upcoming week will be filled with German as well, and after Thursday I'll be free forever! I'm also hoping to spend some time at the gym (lol right), but it all depends on how well the whole German-deal is going.

    So I know my readers come from many different countries, and I'm sure some of you happen to know about some great German artists singing in German. If you do, PLEASE tell me in the comment box. It's soon two years since I started learning German, and I still struggle with some basic grammar. I'm sure its because of the lack of German content in my daily life. Unlike English, which is everywhere.

    And to those asking, yes, I'm Norwegian.

    The Norwegian Constitution Day

    A bit of an informational post incoming!

    Where other nations celebrate their constitution days with military parades, the Norwegian one is a day centered around freedom, equality and brotherhood - bringing the whole nation to celebrations wherever you may live. The biggest concentration to note is the one happening in Oslo; where children from all the close schools parade to the Royal Palace to wave and greet the Royal family.

    A bit of history..
    The Royal Palace.
    So after being under Denmark and at the time Sweden, the Constitution of Norway was finally signed on May 17th, 1814. It declared Norway as an independent nation, but as the country was under Swedish rule, the Swedish king actually banned the celebrations for many years, so the celebrations didn't really go through until later.  

    The well known children parades have not been there since the start though, and the first one happened in Christiania (Now: Oslo) in 1864. Only boys were allowed in. Girls were allowed first time in 1899.

    If you are interested in knowing more, and perhaps how those with Norwegian roots celebrate across other countries, look at the Wikipedia page here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_Constitution_Day 

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    State of Photoshoppin'

    So until the Blogger team manages to restore my old posts, heres another picture showing how my skills are coming along.So many silly thing I'd like to change, but if anything I've tried out a few new tools in the process.

    So, the blogger maintenance is over. Yay! Time for another post.

    Because pictures enriches any blog post!
    I got the exam info today, and guess what? I got German (written exam). Not my best subject by far, but it is at least better than a 15 minute presentation to be prepared in two days, and then talking freely in German with the examiner.

    The exam is scheduled for the 19th – six days from now on. Only positive thing I can think of with that, is to get it over with. With any other subject I'd have more time to read.

    May 17th is the constitution day of Norway. We celebrate our national day in a very special day, and it will be the topic of my next post.

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Skills on fire

    So I decided to try out Photoshop (trial, of course). I've got zero training, and the plan is to slowly fix minor things about my pictures. Today I've mostly been playing around with brightness and colors. Compare with the last picture, if you want.

    Ill also start uploading my pictures to deviantART, and link them from there. My username is so creative, and you can find me at http://rumikolol.deviantart.com/!


    New adventures

    Yes. An orchid. Up very close. Because that is cool.
    Thanks for all the positive feedback! I'll check out GIMP later once I have time.

    This is just another short post as I plan to go out and try taking pictures of some of the things people asked for in the comment section. Again thanks all, and feel free to come with more examples, or even hints and tips!


    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    Camera session

    So I got my hands on the camera a few hours ago, and I've been busy trying as much as i can out. Don't think I've broken anything...yet!

    I'm still exploring, so out of all the pictures I've taken today, these two look the best raw(click for bigger pic): 


    They do, however, need slight editing. At least, the second one needs a brightness adjustment. I should probably start looking for some editing software.
    - Suggest great, free,  software I can use for editing my pictures!

    Camera has arrived!

    I just got a mail about the camera being at the local post office; so guess what I'm going to play around with once I get home.

    Almost considered going home on the mark, but be cool, stay in school, right? :)

    Thought I could share some (interesting)news of the day. Mouse over and click for original site;

    I just hope Skype'll stay free!

    If you have any suggestions of things I can try out with my new Canon EOS 500D SLR, or some interesting techy news, feel free to share in the comment box below!

    Monday, May 9, 2011

    Random rambling #2

    Mondays... oh what if we just banned them. But then, would Tuesdays be as horrible as Mondays once were? Anyway, I decided to update my blog design a bit, criticism appreciated!

    The Tales of Mere Existence site on YouTube just uploaded another video, and everyone should check it out. "Lev" is a great character that, I dare say, pretty much anyone can see themselves in. Since pretty much all my readers blog, or do otherwise creative work, I thought this video would be nice to show. I really love it along with the rest.

    To know more, check out the artist's YouTube or homepage.

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    Finally getting a REAL camera!

    Okay, so a few posts back I mentioned that I might get the Canon EOS 500D. After some considerations and a few tips from friends, I ordered it earlier today.
    Canon EOS 500D (duh)

     I've always had a passion and (well, so do I think!) for moments where I for sure could have snapped a good one, too. But with nothing but a silly phone camera, I usually ended up not taking any.

    Taken a few years ago, damn pixels.
    But that's about to change! I'll probably post some photos here as well, once it arrives and I've got some spare time to hunt down those great shots.
    Starting to see what I mean?
    Until next time! ~Rumi

    Random rambling #1

    Just a short post, been out all day, doing ALL BUT SCHOOL STUFF. And it feels great.

    Found this guy via Fiverr a few days ago, and I just can't get enough of him.

    He will dance to any song of your choice, wearing a full-body greenman suit. Not particularly good or anything, but
    I can't. stop. watching...

    Another awesome(but old) thing I've wanted to write about for a while, is the AR t-shirt. Augmented reality for the win! Don't have anyone to play rock, paper scissors with? No problem. 

    Cheers and good night,


    Friday, May 6, 2011

    50 followers + 2 DS games

    Friday at last! Also hit the 50 followers mark, yay and thanks to you all, much love. <3

    Instead of dropping off a long post, I decided to drop in with two great DS games. I don't own a 3DS(yet!), but I don't really intend on getting one till the great games (such as Ocarina of Time) have been released.

    So without much further, games:

    Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney(2005)
    You are a lawyer, and in true comic/manga style you gather evidence, question people and work as an attorney trying to prove your client's guilt in court.

    Despite the quite straight forward way everything works - I've gotta say it: I love the characters as well as how fun it is to "battle" as a lawyer! It gets harder to get right as you progress through the game, and it can prove quite a challenge if you don't focus.

    Destructoid named it their 48th favorite game of the DECADE . Even though this game is old, it is still great. Definitively something I recommend picking up!

     Professor Layton and the Curious Village(2008) 
     Adventure/puzzle game. You are sent to a strange village to recover what is called "the golden apple". As you progress through the story by solving puzzles, more and more strange things happen...

    This is another game that I really love, and I ended up staying up all night solving puzzles as I closed in on the end of the story. Unlike many other DS games, this one has a lot of animated cut-scenes. This adds another level of suspense, and I really love how they work.

    Gamespy named it the DS game of the year in 2008, and it has overall received very good critics. 

    -  Any games you recommend me to try out?