Friday, May 6, 2011

50 followers + 2 DS games

Friday at last! Also hit the 50 followers mark, yay and thanks to you all, much love. <3

Instead of dropping off a long post, I decided to drop in with two great DS games. I don't own a 3DS(yet!), but I don't really intend on getting one till the great games (such as Ocarina of Time) have been released.

So without much further, games:

Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney(2005)
You are a lawyer, and in true comic/manga style you gather evidence, question people and work as an attorney trying to prove your client's guilt in court.

Despite the quite straight forward way everything works - I've gotta say it: I love the characters as well as how fun it is to "battle" as a lawyer! It gets harder to get right as you progress through the game, and it can prove quite a challenge if you don't focus.

Destructoid named it their 48th favorite game of the DECADE . Even though this game is old, it is still great. Definitively something I recommend picking up!

 Professor Layton and the Curious Village(2008) 
 Adventure/puzzle game. You are sent to a strange village to recover what is called "the golden apple". As you progress through the story by solving puzzles, more and more strange things happen...

This is another game that I really love, and I ended up staying up all night solving puzzles as I closed in on the end of the story. Unlike many other DS games, this one has a lot of animated cut-scenes. This adds another level of suspense, and I really love how they work.

Gamespy named it the DS game of the year in 2008, and it has overall received very good critics. 

-  Any games you recommend me to try out?


  1. Congrats on the followers! :) I really want to play a Professor Layton game

  2. Never liked Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton rocked. c:

    I would recommend Rhythm Heaven, Pokémon HG/SS, TLoZ:PH, Elite Beat Agents and FFIV... At least, those are the ones I've enjoyed the most.

  3. My girl has been going crazy of that Professor game.

  4. I wish I had a DS or PSP. I might look into getting one.

  5. Congrats on the 50 followers! And whenever I hear DS I just think Pokemon..

  6. I hate mobile gaming, but I've always wanted to play Ace Attorney. It just looks hilarious.

  7. Congrats for the followers :)
    Regarding the games, i dont have a DS so i cant help

  8. Phoenix Wright is a very fun game, but its fanbase took it to the extreme :(

  9. Phoenix Wright series is really awesome. Engaging gameplay, and some really awesome music to boot.

    Haven't played any Layton games yet, but they seem pretty fun.

  10. Great choices; love those two games, especially Professor Layton.