Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bonus Pictures

Thanks to those commenting about what I can change and such, I'll taking mental notes of it all! 

Since I've actually had the day completely off studying, I've spent some more time in Photoshop. While most of my nice pictures already have been edited(it's no fun to edit the same image twice cause I end up comparing), I've still got some okay shots to play around with:
Another picture snapped while visiting my grandma. They dug up the huge rock from my great-grandparents' place and brought it all the way to their own garden. Even though my great-grandparents both are dead, their memory lives on. (No, this is no creepy garden graveyard...).

I've done tweaks to light, colors and a few other things while playing around with the shadows. Let me know what you think of it!
I love the turtle in this picture, and I actually ended up buying it for my mother for Mother's day a few years ago. I've only a slight tweak to the light in this picture.


  1. Nice nice! I like the objects in the photos and the location! That rock looks very nice!
    I'm wondering how that turtle picture would look if it was taken a bit more to the right.
    More plant, less lamp, turtle not dead center.
    Any way you could shoot that?

  2. @Tomgh@MirrorG thanks a lot for the feedback! I can actually try to get that done tomorrow - the natural light is kinda sucky-sucky here this late at night!

  3. Heh, creepy garden graveyard. Wasn't thinking of that, but thanks for the image.

  4. That rock does have a very ominous feel to it. I like it

  5. I like the bokeh in the last picture