Monday, May 16, 2011

It is just like a travel novel, just that it isn't.

So I hope the small post about language ended up being useful to some of you. I expect seeing improvement when I sit down with my cup of tea to read later tonight!

So, I haven’t had the time to do a gaming-post for a while. That is mainly because I really haven’t spent any time playing. The occasional WoW plus Words with Friends seems to keep me busy these days.

What the damage meters always should look like, in my opinion. (From one of the boss attempts yesterday)
Yesterday I tried the new Nefarian+Onyxia encounter in Blackwing Descend.  Sunday is our casual raid day, and I really enjoy that one day when my brain can take all focus off things and just focus on those damage meters. I won’t lie, I’m a DPS whore. My competition spirit is really aggressive, and I can feel my heart sink when I’m not topping-or close to topping- damage. This spirit haunts me when I play other games as well, and I really struggle containing myself when I lose.  But enough about that, this is a (hopefully funny) look on the encounter from a DPS perspective. I’ve included fails from different tries as well as thoughts;

The basics:

  • -          Mr. Deathwing has made it so that two of the mean dragons from vanilla WoW now will face you once again, together. The old lady (Onyxia), which also played a loot role in the last expansion, looks rather, uhm, dead and then resurrected...

    "New" Onyxia roaring at the old one. (
  • -          Her most threatening ability is knocking the whole raid down with her tail swipe – preferably when I’m close to done casting my non-instant spells. Great.
  •  -          The other drake, Nefarian, lands some time as I am busy damaging Onyxia and sighing at tail swipes. Some ugly shadowy things keep spawning – but those I’m apparently just supposed to ignore. Shame though, Mind Sear could have done some serious damage to them all.
  •  -          Melee moves to Nefarian, and all casters (me as well!) stays on Onyxia. I put up two spells damaging over time on Nefarian for that increased damage done. *pokerface*
  •  -          At this point I’m usually close to top on the damage meters. #winning!
  •  -          Nefarian reaches 90% health, and does a lot of damage to the whole raid.  Poor healers.
  • Nefarian
  •  -          Get told to switch from Onyxia to Nefarian. Keep damage over time effects on Onyxia. #winning + pokerface.
  •  -          Nefarian reaches 80%, and does some more damaga to the whole raid. Switch back to Onyxia and keep the extra damage effects running on Nefarian for additional #winning.
  •  -          Onyxia dies, and lava surrounds the whole area. Quickly jump up on a pillar to survive.
  •  -          Nefarian is now flying, and everyone is split out on different pillars, handling one dragonkin each.
  •  -          Try to reach to one of the other pillars for extra damaga – no luck. Put those damage over time (DoT)-effects on the flying Nefarian and work on the little dragonkin. Ours die first!
  •   -          Some random try: Realize that I’m not on the yellow pillar where I am supposed to be – *poker face*. Yellow platform add dies first, quickly followed by the one on my current pillar. Oh well, so far so good.
  •  -          Lava pulls back, yay! Jump down from platform and follow player marked with a purple diamond. Do damage to only Nefarian now.
  •  -          Supposed to use my healing ability one Nefarian uses the spell that damages the whole raid every 10%.
  •  -          Never reach my assigned 30% again because people fail to follow the purple diamond, or the one on shadowy creatures got unlucky, or someone did something else they were not supposed to do(like messing with the adds).



    1. Hopefully you can do it next week.

    2. i have already defeated all of them. no good drops until now tho...

    3. I remember WoW, back in vanilla when it had some style. I'm just waiting for SWTOR now.

    4. This is one of the things I didn't miss about WoW, other people messing up a raid when you had a pretty solid run going. Oh vanilla rogues, how you used to steal aggro and wipe raids..

    5. i wish my pc could run wow :(

    6. damn i havent played WoW since Wrath, i use to love that game and i was bitching, solo healing naxx10 (except thaddius ofcorse) when that shit was actually hard. goooood times, i hear the new expansion isnt as good and a lot of the core people left though

    7. haha WoW is so addicting! had had to stop myself, it was getting outta control!

    8. Haven't played it yet. But Mr. T keeps telling me too.

    9. Spend all night looking for group to raid with. Get group at 3am. Pass out halfway through raid. Story of my life.

    10. I've never tried WoW. I'll have to someday

    11. WoW does look fun, but I just don't have the time commitment for it

    12. Let us know if it works out next week :)

    13. man i haven't played wow in such a long time..

    14. Great post! Keep up the good work.