Sunday, May 8, 2011

Random rambling #1

Just a short post, been out all day, doing ALL BUT SCHOOL STUFF. And it feels great.

Found this guy via Fiverr a few days ago, and I just can't get enough of him.

He will dance to any song of your choice, wearing a full-body greenman suit. Not particularly good or anything, but
I can't. stop. watching...

Another awesome(but old) thing I've wanted to write about for a while, is the AR t-shirt. Augmented reality for the win! Don't have anyone to play rock, paper scissors with? No problem. 

Cheers and good night,



  1. Woah that augmented reality shirt is awesome! I want one =) Is that picture of you?

  2. That's awesome, lol at the dog he's like WTF

  3. That shirt is crazy.

    Just getting you back on your Thor comment. The costumes are very futuristic and shiny. Odin is the only one they went overboard on imo thou. But the Asgardians are all pretty true to their actually mythological counterparts. Loki even moreso than to his comic counterpart. It doesn't really explain where they are at, but it is kinda implied they are in space. But Thor does bring up the whole 9 realms and Yggdrasil Tree. I don't know much about Frost giants. But overall, it is very true to the real myths. You won't be disappointed.

    Oh yeah, one of the Asgardians is black and another is Japanese. But there has to be some political correctness.

  4. that guy is great....the idea of greenman is from it's always sunny in philadelphia i think

  5. Haha, I was browsing fiverr too and I saw him and thought to myself, who would pay to see that. I apologise for my clearly wrong thoughts!

  6. Greenman vid not available in your country (f*** you, youtube), but the AR-shirt is pretty sweet. Reminds me of the AR-tattoo that one guy made for his 3DS.

  7. Little bit creepy. Little bit cool.

  8. Getting back to you people: No, that's not me! Picture taken from the homepage of the t-shirt.

    Thanks for the reply on Thor as well, gonna see it when I've got time to really enjoy it!