Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random Rambling #4: German

Hello guys, the weekend is almost coming to an end. Mine has been filled with watching movies and animes in German, plus German music. Instead of the usual Rammstein, I found a band that is around the same genre(check the picture).

Check out Oomph!'s wiki page here.
 The upcoming week will be filled with German as well, and after Thursday I'll be free forever! I'm also hoping to spend some time at the gym (lol right), but it all depends on how well the whole German-deal is going.

So I know my readers come from many different countries, and I'm sure some of you happen to know about some great German artists singing in German. If you do, PLEASE tell me in the comment box. It's soon two years since I started learning German, and I still struggle with some basic grammar. I'm sure its because of the lack of German content in my daily life. Unlike English, which is everywhere.

And to those asking, yes, I'm Norwegian.


  1. german is a cool language. its probably the one i want to learn most

  2. German might be hard to learn...

  3. i am from germany so i can help you. german indeed is a very difficult language and im happy that i didnt have to "learn" it, i had no problems learning english since i was 5 tho

  4. I wish I knew German! I have a few friends who took it in high school but I didn't get the chance :(

  5. i do not think i'll ever learn sounds like such a hard language

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  6. Die Ärzte and Subway to Sally :)