Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend rambling

So, it's finally here. I ended up spending about two hours to travel for a 50 min lecture. Oh well, I'd probably just have slept till like 14:00 if it was a normal day off.

Today has been really event less so far, but there has been something interesting in the Norwegian news today (for once);

a Football(soccer) Strike.

No kidding. The top series has picked out (so far) 95 top plays from nine different top clubs in Norway.
Why? They want to pick out their shoes themselves.

This week's round will probably be canceled due to the strike.

On the one side, I can see why they do this. According to the Norwegian Athlete Union, we're one out of very few countries where clubs still can chose your shoes for the player, probably through sponsorship. After doing some research among the elite players, most said that picking your own brand was vital, while very few said they got to pick out the brand themselves.

Shoes is probably one of the most important  things to succeed, as no brands, nor foots, are the same. I remember that Umbro seemed to fit me the best, back when I played football. And I'm far from professional.

When I heard about it this morning, I laughed and found it silly, but after doing some research - maybe it isn't? Even though the strike may be caused by other factors as well, I can't seem to find anything about it.

Then again, brands sponsoring shoes do probably pay a lot - and many Norwegain clubs have to hang on to their sponsorship deals to make it. I can't see different brands actually sponsoring this and that player for a lot of money, but some will probably do it in a small scale. Not in a huge scale, like Beckham and Adidas, though.

Most reactions so far seem to be "they get paid to play, they should stop whining about silly shoes". But really, what do you think? Does your country let the elite players choose their shoes themselves? 


  1. I think yes , they use very obscure brands , so i guess they are allowed to choose them

  2. Players should be able to choose their own boots definitely. If a club told me I had to wear a random pair of boots I'd be pissed off..

  3. Its great to know America isn't the only country with whiny athletes. Our football (not soccer) is locked out, and basketball is looking to do the same next season

    And yes, due to sponsorships. People like Nike will sign players to huge contracts, more than they would make playing if they are big enough, and they can where nothing but Nike shoes.

  4. I don't know, if they have no existing contracts that they are obligated to wear certain shoes, they should be allowed to choose and sponsor what shoes they want to. It's like any other form of advertisement.

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