Sunday, May 29, 2011

Whining + games

Hey fantastic people! I'm sorry I didn't get back to you, I was simply too tired to do anything. That is what I get for being in bad shape!

I actually woke up at 04.00 (yes, AM). I'm the kind of person who never even think about getting up before 14.00 during weekends.

So, I haven't been writing any «gaming» articles for a while. I'm not really your average FPS (first person shooter) – game enthusiast, actually I find them quite boring and repetitive (yet I play World of Warcraft... lol..).

I'm trying to get some inspiration from what I have in my shelf, so here we go:
Starting off with an old game, Nintendogs.

I've had this game since (before) release. I actually tested it for Nintendo, and I had loads of fun doing it. It is pretty much a simulator where you get you have up to three puppies in your house at the same time. You can walk them, take them to contests, groom and feed them, to mention a few things. It is rated 3+, but your soul can find peace while you play this game, even when you are older.

Nintendo has released Nintendogs + cats for the 3DS already, and it is, along with the remake of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, probably reason enough for me to get a 3DS sometime in the near future. Hopefully the price drops down a bit soon!

Nintendogs + cats is currently the bestselling game to the 3DS. But, really, does it currently have any real competitors?

After taking a look at Wikipedia's list of Nintendo 3DS games, I managed to find some more interesting games.

I know that I probably would buy these games if I had a 3DS:

And of course the remakes of:  

There is more games of course, but I'm more interested in what you are looking forward to. Any games will do, it doesn't have to be 3DS games at all.


  1. I have played Nintendogs on a normal DS. Since I had a dog a time ago, it remembered me of him, so I enjoyed it much.

  2. Those are really girly games! Your blog's got a new layout right? I like it

  3. @Tom: yes, it did! I'm not done yet though, I need a better header and maybe a menu as well. Thanks, though!

    I guess the lack of FPS games is what makes me labeled so girly, oh well!

  4. ive played Zelda 2 years ago on my wii I had that time, I liked it

  5. Waiting for Deus Ex: human revolution and Diablo III oh and Space Marine. going to be a bit of a wait but hey, hopefully at least one of them should be good!

  6. Nintendogs! I have a ripoff iphone app version, but it's not as good. Also, I love any Zelda game but my favorite of all time is WindWaker.

  7. Zelda = <3. As for nintendogs my largest experience with them is getting the trophy in SSB: Brawl O_o it would take over the screen.

  8. Nintendogs makes no sense. It is one of the greatest selling games of all time. Why is he first sequel just now coming out? They should be milking the hell out of it.

    Nintendogs, Nintendcats, Nintendbirds, Nintendguineapigs, Nintendhorese, Nintendogs Wii, and of course...NintendPokemon.

    Doesn't Ninty like money?

  9. I love zelda, but sometimes it just pisses me off. I can't stand getting stuck, maybe I'm just stupid xD

  10. the dog games are so adorable!

  11. Nintendogs was awesome, would love to play the new one! :D

  12. This makes me want to buy a DS again. I bought one, and got divorced 2 weeks later. Somehow SHE took my DS in the divorce?!? Ugh...

  13. i lvoed that zelda game, in fact i loved almost all zleda and mario games