Saturday, August 20, 2011


Err, so yeah. After being sick for a while, I woke up to my adsense account being banned. After that, I lost all motivation and interest to write.

Months have passed, and although I'm not sure I'll post as regularly, I decided to at least write this very much delayed update post.
Much have happened since I went away, and I've spent my summer in SC2, South Africa and inside. As pale as a ghost, I'm sure!

As many of you may know, I'm Norwegian. I spent the 22nd of July in South Africa, and when I heard of what had happened, I was sure it all must have been a mistake. Or a dream. My brain spun into overdrive, and what  crisis psychology I've learned suddenly happened to myself, now that I think back. Who is doing this, and for what? Where will the next attacks be? My friends and family, are they all safe?
I had so many questions. I tried to remain calm. I couldn't. This all happened before hell broke loose at the Labour Party summer camp at Ut√łya.

Everything felt so distant and hopeless. I was sitting pretty much as far south as you can get, trying to make sense out of Norwegian newspapers online.

If anybody is interested and wishes to hear more, please leave a comment. I'm not sure about how many that still would like to follow my blog, but give me a sign if you do.

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  1. You were in South Africa and didn't arrange for a completely random meetup? I'm hurt; but I'll get over it though. Still followin' ya.